Help my girlfriend pick a costume

I definitely want to see more imperial officers and crewmen (and not just because I can make and sell you imperial rank badges). It's a neat costume, and it makes a group of troopers look more professional. It's also a simple costume, almost eliminating the need for handlers.
How about Bastila from KOTOR?

No helmet, go with the dark jedi robes from the game (she can wear- SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN"T PLAYED BELOW!!!- I apologize if already spoiled... ) if she want's to be in the 501st, and is a very modest costume so she won't feel awkward in big groups. Also a nice character if she likes the double bladed light sabers :D.

(when she got converted to the dark side by Darth Malak so it'd be cannon)

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I would suggest Boushh, or Bo Katan. Zam would be pretty awesome to see as well. Stature wise Boushh would be excellent for your gf. Although if she wants an evil Twi-lek maybe see if Vette is accepted within the legion yet.

I would suggest talking to Pam about her lekku head tails for the twi-lek. Pam's Twi'lek Creations

This is also a great forum for twi-lek costume help. Twi'lek Celebration - Index page


If you're making a Return of the Jedi Fett then someone from Jabba's Palace would work well, if you're Empire then someone from Bespin or Empire-related? However, he has a lot of books characters including Neelah, who he spends Mandalorian Armour, Slave Ship & Hard Merchandise with. There's his wife too; Sintas Fel who is pretty awesome.


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Have You considered:

Juno Eclipse (very corellian looking from the Force unleashed) On Boba Fett's wookiepedia page there is a picture of her captured by Fett.
Sintas Vel
Mirta Gev
or even Xasha another of Fett's loves, a bounty hunter in her own right
Juno Eclipse.png
Mirta Gev.png
Sintas Vel.png


Yeah gotta go with Boushh as well (I know technically you're ESB) just because you guys would look great together.

BUT, there are several female imperial officers out here and it's a great suit to start with and commands some respect.