Help me fix some broken gauntlets.


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So this totally sucks:

I sold my gauntlets to a guy on the RPF and packaged them up, I thought, very carefully, but I think I underestimated the postal system.

See here:



Yeah. I know. Not cool.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on repairing them?

I have a few of my own, but there's plenty of guys and girls here who I'm sure are much better at this sort of thing than I.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Take strips of styrene and glue it behind the breaks. Then fill in the seams after the glue has dried with bonod or any other filler that you can sand sown smooth.

Good Luck and next time put them in more bubble wrap and a bigger box. :)

Geo wrote:

Good Luck and next time put them in more bubble wrap and a bigger box. :)


Yeah, thanks! Seriously, this box was stuffed with packing peanuts and bubblewrap -- a sumo wrestler could have sat on it. I swear the postal service just doesn't care. I had a lightsaber shipped to me from Sweden that was double-bubble-wrapped (as in two layers of bubble-wrap, not wrapped in gum) and in a large box with a shedload of packing peanuts and it STILL arrived to me broken.

So, anyway...strips of styrene...where do I get that from? :)

Do you have a plastics supplier in your city? Even a hobby store sells styrene in small sheets or strips. Check in their R/C car and airplane section. they should sell some there as well as cyanoacrylite glue (Zap) Glue). If you can get plastic weld glue or "Weld-On" that would be even beter because it will bond the two plastics permanently.

As far as shipping, I rarely use USPS. I would use Fed Ex or UPS for shipping. They tend to take better care of packages.

Good luck. :)
Two part epoxy is good, but if you want to "meld" them together you should use a plastic weld type glue that the plastic suppliers use. Epoxy only glues surface to surface whereas plastic weld "melts" the pieces together.
HERE'S AN IDEA...since they are sintra gauntlets, why not get some sintra in small pieces, heat them and bend to match the radius and angle (you cand this by placing the broken pieces together and getting a rough idea about the shape) and then use the platic-weld glue $2.79 at walmart. You can glue the old parts to the new sub-straight sintra underneath, then weld the broken pieces together. That way theu are fused behind the break and at the break.

Just an idea.
Thanks so much to all for the suggestions. :)

I'll have a better idea of what I'm up against when these are shipped back to me, but I'm sure one, or a combination, of these suggestions will work.

Prymer13 Sintra an styrene are both poly based products. Pretty much the same. Agreed, Sintra to Sintra is best but you have to heat and bend versus styrene which you can get thinner and it will bend with the form easier. Both will Meld to each other. :)
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