helmets at shopSW :)

Trooper TK409 wrote:

Funny that they use the word "Deluxe" in many of the descriptions. Maybe they mean, "deluxe crap?"

Well, seems to be true...
Nonetheless, in eBay auctions, "deluxe" mostly means "you gonna regret biddin' here, 'cause ya haven't seen such a b*llsh*t in ages!!!"
Sometimes I'm thinking about telling the guys bidding on a Rubies to reconsider... but they won't listen anyways...
Poor guys... :(

Edited to clean out some bad words... ;)

Sorry for some... harsh language.
But it's really sad how those Ebayers are scammed.
Well, it actually is their fault too, I NEVER buy something without first gathering information, then asking for a better description and pics.
And all those rubies helmets... there ARE some among them that are good (the new Vader for example), but there also are real bad copies.
But even the new Vader helmet is somehow... overpriced :D, so I doubt I'll buy from shopSW.


jango3306 wrote:

its ashame LFL wont make a quality product, for lack of better words, but up to TDH standards, if you know what i mean

Crap, it would cost you an arm and a leg if they did!!!
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