Hello just wanted to introduce myself


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I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Kurt and I am working on getting the parts to what will be my second suit of Star Wars Armor. My first being a Sand Trooper I am not part of the 501st yet I was getting ready to submit my armor when I finished and got deployed again to Iraq where I am currently stationed. I have PM a few of the members here about ordering some of there custom made parts hopefully I will be able to get most of what I need while I am in Iraq.

So it will be a long year here and I will be checking out the forums and posting when I can and looking for all those hard to find parts. Anyone that can point in the right direction when looking for those good parts out there will be much appreciated. Also ordered the cd with the the pics so I am awaiting that now to give me lots to look at while I am here, I cant compliment the people of this forum enough your work is outstanding and has been a great insperation to get me to my favorite Bounty Hunter so thanks for all your great work and I look forward to talking to you all soon.



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Hey Kurt...

Welcome :cheers ...and sounds like you're off to a good start.(y)
There's allot of good info and people on this board that are more than willing to help...good luck.

Stay safe in Iraq..