hello(im new)

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Im new,ive come over from the hunters forum(predator costuming site)to work on my custom mando for a while.i have a rubies jango thats been painted many times (link at bottom)i just wanted to introduce myself. im looking forward to hanging out and building one awsome suit.:cheers


my concept is the armor and helmet will be flat black with a black undersuit and gigantic sniper rifle
and he wears huge gothic boots(like this)

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Hey welcome to the TDH. Good to see more members joining the site and enjoying star wars. I had an idea for the "gigantic" sniper rifle (just got this after going to a gunshow) you can go with a 50 caliber rifleish look. Those things are monguloid, and fits the sniper look you may want. Goodluck!

(Who came across a Desert Eagle, and realized "how small" it was too me...)


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Cool idea.

For a big gun, NERF as one called an N-Strike Long Shot
Another member around here wethered one, and it looks like what you would want in a bug gun

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Untried Hunter,

Welcome to the forum. My first suggestion would be to replace your "stock" visor.

And then take it from there..
may i sugest a moding a DC-15 style blaster?... or another one of the sort. I like the easy idea of a NERF gun, but it does kill the character a little. the thing is big.


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True. I only suggested it because I didn't know what kind of big gun he wanted, like overly sized (nerf gun) or what he drew. I like his drawing better, though, alot less noisy and more uniform to military standad.

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dood thats awsom im working on some custom mand armor myself im going for more of a Awarru Tark look though (From star wars tales a moment of doubt)