Hasbro Black Series / ROTJ conversion - ***UPDATE***


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Hey there!
So, I finally got the T Visors I ordered , one for the BS helm, and the other for my Don Post Standard version restore.
Spent the day getting the T visor familiar with the Dremel tool and got it to fit.
I know, NOW, that there's already a premade Hasbro replacement visor out there, but I had already bought and ordered the blank T Visor beforehand.
But, in the process, I found, for some odd reason other than something to do with mass manufacturing requirements, Hasbro had a number of "spacers" molded around the back side of the visor area behind the mandibles and brow area.
This left a noticeable and displeasing gap between the mandibles/brow, and the visor.
Took the dremel to those spacers, which kind of needed done anyway, since the plastic on the T Visor was a bit thicker than the original Hasbro visor.
But, it afforded the ability to now get the mandibles and brow area to sandwich flush with the visor, as it should!
And now the visors' visibility is back to being screen accurate.
The old tinted work was just too dark, and not smooth surface.
It's inspired me to consider possibly, finally, upgrade the ears/rangefinder to screen accurate versions instead of the bulky Hasbro versions.
We'll see...if the price is right.
So, here's the upgraded visor.
20200817_002428.jpg 20200817_002040.jpg 20200817_002153.jpg 20200817_002701.jpg 20200817_002732.jpg

Link to original build thread - Hasbro ESB Fett to ROTJ conversion.


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Looks good. I debated on removing the spacers on my upgrade as well to allow the visor to sit flush, but went with filling the gap instead. The edges looked a bit too thin to me though.