Grommets - Cape and Girthbelt


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Reading through all of this and with the CRL on Kal Skirata in my mind, there comes the question:
What happens, when you do research and end up uncovering something that shows where the CRL needs to be updated?
I got the little plastic piece made and installed. I'll probably hit the components with a flat clear enamel to protect it a bit. but what are your guys' thoughts?
Cape - All Views.jpg

To create and install that plastic piece I used these items...
ROTJ Cape Parts.jpg

and for paints I used....

Even though this is a US Army Half Shelter, would you guys worry about toning down the Olive Drab (Fade)? I also may take it back to the seamstress who did the seams for me and have her use a beige/tan thread for that thicker seam. But then again I'm not looking at getting 501st Cert'd either. But I may wanna do that prior ripping it up and weathering it. I'll have to think on that.

So turns out hitting it with some flat enamel in an attempt to protect it a bit, failed. The spots that were humbrol'd - when I applied the flat enamel to it, the enamel went under the green paint. Much like how when you use painters tape to paint a wall and some paint seeps under it. Only the effect the flat enamel made as it went under the green paint, made it look like veins popping out like a body builder. Hahaha. (Shoulda snapped a shot of was horrible)

I had to sand it all off and start over, only this time I simply applied the green paint and then sprayed flat enamel on it, and using the dry brush technique applied a Silver Chrome to it. I also took this opportunity to hit the piece with a dremel on the end of it, to give it that "Snapped Metal" look. I actually like my 2nd attempt on this better. What do you guys think?

Second Attempt.jpg

Hi All,
I just wanted to get some feed back on the cape so far? I know I still have to tear/rip it up and weather it a bit, and add in that 3rd grommet that attaches the cape to the Collar/Back Armor. but wanted to get feedback specifically on the seams. The cape material used is from a genuine US Army Half Shelter, It did not have the correct seams on it, so I had to get those put in place. I'll be a taller Boba at 6'2" tall. The measurements of the cape right now is 29 inches (Width) by 51 inches (Length). After I get it torn up a bit I hope to have the length about 47 inches which would end up right around 4 to 5 inches past the left knee armor strap as per the 501st's CRL. Looking at the 501st reference pic, the below pics are what I came up with....

Front of Cape 1.jpg

Here is the back of the cape.....

Back of Cape 1.jpg

Concerning the "US" marking, should I worry about trying to have that removed? I don't think it'd ever be seen. And also being a former soldier of the US Army (I was a Combat Engineer), it seems almost sacrilegious or a desecration to have it removed, haha!

Let me know whatcha guys think.