Got my vest from TK409, test fit with my test armor.


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Hi, I got the vest today in the post, great vest. I also painted a chest armor I made last month but it was not the right size and the are not symetrical. I did this test just to find out if I could use Poly Scale US MED GREEN over Enamel paint. It seems to work out. Before I used the US MED GREEN I put on an acrylic clear coat over the right chest armor just to see if it would have other effect than the left chest that did not have clear coat before I put the US MED GREEN on. Also it did not seem to matter if I put clear coat on or not.

Here are pics of the armor and the second of me in my new vest with the helmet and the test armor. I plan on making a complete armor, chest, colar, cod, belly, knees, sholders and back next month.


Hey!!!! Everythings looking really great there!! The Helmet looks fantastic, and the vest & armour look very well done as well!!!! Colors look spot-on to me...Although the chest pieces could perhaps use a bit of a blackwash to make them a little dingier.:) Great work!!!(y)
As I said the armor is just a test, I won´t be using this armor.

I´m gonna make a new one, and I will weather that one.

Tell me more about blackwashing and what you use and how it is done.

I´ve heard about it but never knew how it is done.
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