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well i was painting my FP armor and i masked off the silver with blue painters tape and after i spraid the "yellow" coat (i used nutmeg cause it looked closer) i realised it was gunna be a PAIN IN THE NECK to cut more tape to mask over the other tape so i came up with the idea of using hot glue. ( i was too lazy to go buy liquid mast and from what ive heard it meses up the weathering). i just got dont with my right plate for my chest armor and the glue worked GREAT!!!

just throwing this out there for an equivelent to liquid mask w/o the extra peeling.
i let the gun heat up very very long to get it as liquid as posible and just painted it on with a fine tiped paint bush
Good idea.. dependig on what kind of hot-glue you use.

Some types are really strong and could quite possibly peel the paint of with it when you take it off. Let us know how it works out.. (pics?)
Yeah, good idea there. If you are in a pinch, rubber cement also works well, although I do like the level of detail you can get with liquid mask.
well it came out good but i soon realised (after i took off all the tape and glue) that i used the wrong green. so I just sprayed over with the right color and lost all the hard work i did. lol stupid me
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