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For anyone who has used GOOP adhesive to attach Industrial Strength velcro to their armour, about how long did it take for it to dry and cure? I'm attaching it to my metal armour, and I just want to make sure nothing's going wrong.

I followed the steps, and left them on for 41 hours now, and I can feel that its still soft in the middle, and I'm worried that it could come off when I put it on my vest.

So does it sound like I'm having a problem, or should I just wait another day?
Hmmm, which version of Goop are you using? On the back of the package, it lists what it will adhere to...

I've used Goop in gluing fiberglass, styrene, etc. with only a 12 hr wait with excellent results. 41 hrs?

I'm assuming you followed the instructions, making sure it's the right type of goop, the surfaces were cleaned, etc.?

That's downright odd. Should work fine.

Btw, how thick is your metal armor? I used enough industrial strength velcro to darn near cover the entire armor piece, and it still would either peel away from the vest, or leave gaps, etc. The collar armor just gave me fits. Now, the shoulder armor worked splendid!


I also just discovered a new type of velcro, Extreme Velcro. Designed for outdoor use, it's gnarly as hell! It's grey and is a vast improvement...

If you still have problems with the velcro/goop, you might try this stuff.

Good luck!

Keep us updated...
The armour is a tiny bit thicker than the cardboard of a cereal box (I'm not good at measuring thickness). I am using "GOOP Crafter's". I roughed up the surfaces with very low grit sandpaper, cleaned and dryed them thoroughly, and applied GOOP to both surfaces, letting it sit for 15 minutes, then firmly pressed the velcro pieces onto the armour.

The GOOP leaking out of the sides of the velcro is pretty hard, its just when I press the middle of the velcro that some oozes out. Here is what I mean:

It could be the fact that its metal, it may take longer to cure. The package says it attaches to metal as good as it does to anything else. We'll just have to wait and see.

And I saw that Extreme Velcro, that stuff looks amazing. I would have got some, had it not cost $6 for 5 small pieces. It wouldn't even be enough for one chest piece. The Industrail strength velcro was $15 for 5 feet, so I won't able to cover my entire armour with it.
Sounds like you did everything right. That's so odd that some oozes out! Can't figure that out.

Perhaps just some more time...although it should be ready to go.


Yeah, that extreme velcro is darn expensive! I'm going to use it on my knees, I think it will be perfect there!

take care,

I live in Canada, about twenty minutes from the border.
It's not cold at all, its actually very very warm right now. The GOOP I used is clear, that white stuff you see is the advesive from the sticky-back velcro that is coming off.

I have always heard that it is best to back up the sticky stuff on the velcro with GOOP, but for me it doesn't seem to be working too well, and I hope I didn't just waste $20 for nothing. If the GOOP doesn't work, any other suggestions as to something that will bond my metal armour to the velcro??

Well, its been a few more days, and although slowly, the bond is becoming stronger. In a couple days or so it should be rock solid.

I'll be posting pics of my armour on the vest as soon as it's done (tomorrow-ish).
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