Good News... I Hope for a Girth Belt!?!


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Girth Belt Final Run!!!

For all of you including myself who has been looking for a 100% Mohair Girth Belt(a very exhausting journey, I might add and even more discouraging) to avoid the acetone nightmare for dying them. UUGGHH!! Not much into chemical fumes and all that myself. Here is the final belt dyed with out the nylon extenders I've found. See other pics below in the tread raw.

JUST AN UPDATE ON DYING THE BELT INFO for those who need to dye theirs from the previous orders.
See this tread for dying tips:

***************UPDATES AND ORDER 4 LAST LAST RUN***************
I'm adding a Third list of interested parties, those who have sent me PM's recently in regards to these, I'll try to fill one last order. These are more limited in sizes then previously I'm hoping to be able to get at least the 36" as the smallest size and up in the 2" increments from there but won't know till Feb. The person I've been getting these from is having a hard time filling the last 2 - 36's from the order before. His price went up a bit too, figures.
He assured me that he will get a shipment in Feb. so I'll put together one more order while he has them and this will be the last time, because I hate to offer something I really have no control over. But knowing these are rare I want to help out if I can.
If you are interested in one of these let me know, I don't want to say this but this will be the final order of these. I will take names of those interested, no funds as yet till I know these are going to be available. I'll even do them dyed since I think we got the formula down and add the extenders too. So let me know, drop me a PM. I hope this will all fall together for us one last time as I've been doing alot of research to locate these and it sure seems they are more scarce than ever before The Chubby Pony doesn't have them anymore either.
The dyed finished belt will be $55.00 shipped and undyed shipped $35.00 in the USA of course, outside of the good ole USA is shipped accordingly to cost to ship to your place of exhistance. :lol:

============First Run=====
1. SingleSeatForever(PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
2. Furious(PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
3. tk7602 (PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
4. Emozzi(PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
5. Spideyfett(PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
6. Slavefive-x2(PAID)Shipped 8/19 Received
============ SECOND ORDER RUN =========================
1. Gonzo Fett (PAID)Shipped 10/18 Received
2. Homer-Fett (PAID)Shipped 10/21 Received
3.Terrible Rid (PAID)Shipped 2/2
4.Tension113 (PAID)Shipped 2/2 Received
5.MediaGuyPJ (PAID)Shipped 11/28 Received
6.Darthmule(PAID)Shipped 10/18 Received
7.Womo68 (PAID)Shipped 10/18 Received
============LAST RUN==============
1. SlaveR5(PAID)
2. F_O_N(PAID)
3. hotshot(PAID)
4. shabad(PAID)
5. arkkien(PAID)
6. DarthMiller(PAID)
7. BlueRam(PAID)
8. Benkenove (PAID)
9. Buckeye_01
10.Galactic Bounty Hunter (PAID)
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Update/Order: Good News... I Hope for a Girth Belt!?!

Sorry I haven't updated on this yet I've been buried by orders for The Comic Con in San Diego this weekend.
I received the Girth Belt it sure looks like the real deal it looks and feels like mohair.


I am having a hard time finding the thread that had the dye formula for the belt. Anyone have the ESB formulation? So it has yet to be dyed.
If anyone is interested P.M. me.
So is the ESB girth brown or burgandy/wine colored? Input here welcome.

============== UPDATE/ Order if interested ============

I've received a few PMS about the belts and I would be willing to put together an order, they run from a size 34" to 60" with a 2 inch increment between sizes. I measured below the ammo belt just above the hip and add 1 inch for shrinkage but it has to be an even # remember. Also it has to go over the jumpsuit so 3-4 inches good increase for that and shrinkage. Also the difference can be made up in the belting straps too. But the size is right on there is no play. It does stretch a bit you can feel it give if you pull on it. I remember reading about after dying it whilst wet, tacking it down to a 2x4 at the size you need to dry to avoid it shrinking too.
It took 3 weeks from order date give or take for me to receive them.
So if anyone is interested pm me, I'd be happy to put this together.
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O.k. I'm going to place the order on these belts Monday August 1st. Those of you who are interested if you can please have funds to me by Friday the 29th or Saturday the 30th at the latest.
Please include your size needed with your shipping info and TDH ID as well. If you are out of the US it will be a bit more.
If you have any other questions let me know. I know the list is full but if there is any one else, just let me know and you can be added, I'll order as many as are interested, I just wanted to get at least 6 on the order.


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Reminder for Girth Belt, Order on Monday The 1st

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder to all who were interested in the belts I will be placing an order first thing in the morning on Monday 8/1, please get back to me asap with payment and size info. Sunday night at the latest.
Thanks alot,


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Girth Belt Update

I hope I got a pm to everyone, but just incase the giths will ship out to me tomorrow. I hope I'll have them by the end of this week??!!
Then I'll ship them out straight away.
After I move I'll set up another run if anyone else is interested.
Pm me w/ any ?'s
P>S> Still lookin for a dye formulation.... anyone??? :(


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O.k. Guys I'm going to put together another run of the girth belts for those of you who have pm.'d me. The list is at first post and info as well.
P.m. with all payment info.