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Any type of glue I should buy specifically for making my own girth belt?

and anyone recomend any type of rope as well, then please do
A Jango leather type? Or Boba?

I used leather weld glue from Tandy for Jango. Cut up and old bomber jacket to make a backing to glue to.
i was thinking of buying some rope, and glueing together, i have seen it done, and i want to know what glue, and what type of rope
sorry, no experience with that one. If you use a cloth rope of some sort I'd try a fabric glue like tacky glue. Otherwise I'd try a good general adhesive. I hear a lot of people using gorrila glue, but I've never used it.
I believe that if you're going for a Jango belt, I don't think they use rope, it's a 5mm or 6 mm braided Round Leather Cord also known as Bolo sometimes. Seems to me someone here was buying this stuff wholesale from someone in India and selling it to folks but I lost track of whom that was in particular. I'm going to be needing to buy some as well, so maybe we can get several of us together interested in buying some of this "Bolo" and buy it wholesale at a significantly lower rate. Thoughts? If you're just wanting one of the Boba mohair girth belts, heck I'll sell you the one I bought for what I have in it. It's brand new and 40" long, still undyed...As far as glue, take your pick of many. Hot glue, Goop, Welder, etc should work well enough...

You can always try tandy leather for the cord I believe, but I'll post a couple of other options for you to price shop before you buy...The first one below takes you diectly to the page where you can buy 10 meter plus rolls of the braided leather cord.

Hope that gives you a start. The last link has a wide variety of colors which is cool to have options...

i am using a jango cod, but i am not using leather for the girth belt, i am a custom, so any recomendations on rope?
i am on a budget here
I'll fill you in on a thought I had for my Jango-like girth belt. For the "rope" you're talking about, I had thought about using a black nylon parachute cord glued really nice and straight. It would be a bit tricky keeping it so that very little of the glue is showing, but you could touch it up after i suppose. I think they make several colors of nylon parachute cord if black doesn't float your boat. I also thought that it would be killer to know someone into beadwork. Wouldn't it be cool to have a basic leather weight-lifting belt and then cover it in a beadwork design of your choosing. you could have Clan symbols represented and/or any other designs. My inspiration was seeing some (I believe) Navajo or Apache leather/beadwork the other day on television and thought that'd make a killer girth belt! I hope that helps more than it confuses...:lol:

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