Best glue/adhesive for inside armor


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What's the best/strongest glue/adhesive to use inside my armor for attaching buttons/straps/etc.

You guys use plain old super glue, or maybe some sort of marine-grade boat adhesive?

Something that can take some trooping.



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I have used Gorilla Glue super glue and that has held up through taking a full on header against a wooden pole that gave me a hospital worthy armor breaks or anything. :)


Careful with the gorilla glue. In my experience it has a tendency to expand when it dries. I've had to clamp stuff together to make sure it doesnt warp or separate when drying, and sometime the dried glue seeps out so I would also have to trim the excess.

I've gained an affinity for hot glue recently lol.


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I use E600 Industrial strength glue. I used it to build my stormtrooper and have trooped in it a lot without incident



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yeah, gorilla makes a general purpose CA glue too. i typically have some of that around since it's the biggest bottle home depot sells. why can't they have an 8 ounce superglue bottle there? :)


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same company but not as strong..I tried the sample pack had little tubs of Goop, E6000 and some craft glue stuff,, Goop is good but E6000 is stronger and you can get it in black in a caulking tube at some hardware stores.


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Yep if you're looking for something flexible, E6000 is definitely the way to go. Devcon is good stuff, and super strong, but rigid and solid... it will last quite a while as well. I did have a friend tell me once that his E6000 failed under high temps though, down at white sands in southern NM for a photo op, so if that's true that's something to consider if you live somewhere where it's hot all the time. The Devcon will withstand higher temps and also does well with cooler temps and moisture...but to each their own. I'm not pushing it (even though it sure sounds like I am lol). I've just had really good experience with it. Another option to consider is using the E6000 in combination with Devcon or some other adhesive of your choice...I've heard of good results from that as well. Good luck with whatever you decide (y)


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Keep in mind that there is different GOOP. I use the plumbing version in the purple (I think) tube.

I always feel like they are all the same. I have yet to notice a difference between all the GOOPs. I usually get the plumbing one also because it comes with the screw on tip.
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