Best glue for acrylic? (For a display case)


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
I'm just wondering if anyone has experience working with acrylic.
I'll be getting an acrylic case shortly for one of my new resin guns and want to build some custom supports inside to hold it.
I can get acrylic tube or rod no problem, and I can cut and polish it just fine, but I've never tried to bond it before. Basically, I want to cut some rod to length, and attach it to the base of the display case.
Are there specific glues made for acrylics? I want some kind of strong, permanent bond.
Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere and thanks for any advice.
hey superjedi, you could try clear parts cement that u use for the clear windows/canopies on models etc....the plastic for the models is usually acrylic so y not!!?? the stuff ive used is made by testors.... im juts not sure of the strength for ur project VS models....but mabye it can help ya or, i'd actually try a tropical fish store/pet place.. i no they have a sealent/glue for making/ repairng the acrylic fishtanks. that would problably have the bonding strength ur looking for! :cheers
Thanks Jluck!
But I think I found some good info from another board. :)
The Testors clear parts cement is good for styrene, but I don't think it has the strength I'm looking for.
You can find a lot of info on making nice acrylic cases at case modder forums like and

A very standard thing to do is to solvent weld acrylic using solvents sold for exactly that---solvent welding acrylic.

If your parts are cut very flat, you can butt two pieces of acrylic together, applying just a little solvent, and it will wick throughout the joint, creating an strong, invisible joint.
Hi superjedi!

Wickedbeard is right!

I use silicone. My fishtanks are also "glued" with it. It´s very strength.

If you use silicone, be sure to roughen the parts right where you're joining them. That will improve the mechanical bond. Silicone doesn't make a good chemical bond, and can sometimes peel right off slick surfaces. (It's a sorta lousy glue, but an incredibly good sealant.)
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