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I have heard/read several people mention using CA Glue. Is it actually called CA Glue, or does the CA stand for something? More importantly, where can I get some?? I've used 5 min epoxy with relative success, but find that there are some things it just doesn't work on (Jango's vest, gauntlet hinges, elastic for armor). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Insta-set is fairly common at hobby and maybe hardware stores. CA stands for cyanoactylate i believe. But most companies refer to the type of glue as CA.

That plus the accelerator will be solid real fast

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The zap a gap is immensly cheaper than the super glue you get at the store. The amount in one bottle is about equal to 10+ bottles you get at the store. And if you figure 4 bucks a pop for the little bottles or tubes..........well you can see how much that would add up to. It may be the same but if you are going to be using it then why now save a ton of money. Its not a special order it is just an order off the internet. The guy who runs trooperbay is a guy named Mike Appling and you get the product very fast and very reliable.

The CA accelerator is worth its wait in gold too. Basically you just give it a little burst of spray and your glue is instantly set. If you are trying to do precision stuff (like glue the snaps onto Jango Fett armor) you need to try the accelerator. I couldn't live without it now.

Here is a link for the accelerator from another site.
exactly what mullreel said I just blew 10 bucks on to bottles of superglue cause I NEEDED it but otherwise CA glue would be the way to go
hobby king has decent prices. They have their own brand of CA, but it's always on back-order. A LOT cheaper than buying in a hobby store! Even with the shipping.
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