Girth Belt Question?


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I have a dumb question? I got a girth belt from a prop member about 2 years ago. It came in a plastic bag and there was dye that had rubbed off onto the bag. Now I ready to put it on my Boba Fett costume because it's getting closer to completetion. My dumb question is Has any one ever had the dye come the belt and rub onto their jump suit? I just got a great SGB jumpsuit and I don't want to ruin it! Or maybe after two years the dye has dryed by now. If any one has any imput on this I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Dave


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You're going to sweat when you wear the costume, and that may cause the belt dye to bleed onto your jumpsuit. Rinse the belt in a bucket of cold water. If there is dye residue in the water, there's a good chance your belt will bleed onto the jumpsuit as well (unless you rinse all the excess dye out).


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Mine bled onto my suit. Sweating (and wearing it 100 times in 5 years) will do that! Fortunately, the staining is minimal and the girth covers the affected area on the jumpsuit.

I just bought a new BM jumpsuit and a new girth, so here we go again! Just a part of wearing it! ;)