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Don't know how many of you remeber Gil Torres' or his metal helmet but he recently sent new pics now that his helmet has been painted and I thought I would post them as well as repost his original pics since they were lost the last time our board crashed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gil the last time I visited the MoM exhibit in New York. Although it may not be 100% screen accurate this helmet was incredibly impressive, especially considering Gil HAND MADE it from SHEET METAL!!!! Unbelievable!!! And now Gil tells me he is ready to take a second stab at it and build an even better helmet! I can't wait to see it!!! :)

Original Pics:

GilT_01.jpg GilT_02.jpg GilT_03.jpg
GilT_04.jpg GilT_05.jpg GilT_06.jpg
GilT_07.jpg GilT_08.jpg GilT_09.jpg
GilT_10.jpg GilT_11.jpg GilT_12.jpg
GilT_13.jpg GilT_14.jpg GilT_15.jpg


Torres_V2_01.jpg Torres_V2_02.jpg Torres_V2_03.jpg
Torres_V2_04.jpg Torres_V2_05.jpg
Amazing work!
It goes to show you that if you think you can't create or make anything, then you're mistaken. Look at this handmade helmet & SHEETMETAL!! This is a good morale booster!
Thanks for sharing Braks!

That is friggin' awesome! People never cease to amaze me! I wish I had the ability to do stuff like that. Congratulations and great work.

E. Vader
Impressive...most impressive!!! That is an awesome job, no doubt about it. Just one little thing...where's the dent on the helmet (top front left of helmet= Boba's trademark)?? Hey, just kiding. Seriously I have a question, for how much ($) would you do the gaunlets if I want a pair of these?
Right on Braks! Thanks for posting those pics!! I'd been wondering what happened to Gil! Tell him to come back!!!


Gil, the helmet turne out fantastic! Great job, those gauntlets are amazing!! (y)

As for the "no-dent", this must be before he fought Vader and got the dent!


Seriously, great job on both dude!!

take care,

oh my gosh thats freakin amazing... I wish I had half the talent he has in his left hand!!! :)
O.K gentlemen .''First of all'' I would like to thank BRACKS BUDDY for posting these pics. Second thanks for all your compliments they are very nice. Now for the two other main questions, the dent is missing cause I purposely made it that way to give it a different look .Also will I sell and make helmets or gauntlets for TDH board members? ''Thats's a tought but it's also a tough one''. Guys this hand work takes time and are individually made. I'm trying to make them look accurate but metal is not easy to work with. Soon I'll be done with the knee gaurds and I will also finish my right gauntlet it needs corrections then shortly I will begin my next helmet.I will have a dent on it this time and I will do my best to make it look more movie accurate. THANKS GUYS . PEACE GIL TORRES.
Fantastic job. I can readily say that I have first-hand knowledge working with the technique you employed to create the dome. The result is fabulous with this very difficult technique. Nicely done all around. (y)
Wow! I can't believe that is sheet metal you did this with!! It never ceases to amaze me the talent and creativity on this board and how many different media can be used to create the same thing. Great job Gil.
Really impressive work! I never would have thaught anyone would make one out of metal. Would that be only for display or do you plan on it being wearable?
Gil, all I could say is..."Impressive! Most impressive!, your skills are complete. You're even more powerful than the Emperor imagined!". Just remember to keep everybody posted, specially me, to sign m ein for the gauntlets (just in case if you decide to do this as a day-job or with enough time.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR NICE COMMENTS. I will continue to provide pics of what I am making next ''which are the knee gaurds''. ''THANKS AGAIN '' you guys, especially BRACKS for posting these pics.
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