General concensus- BUTT and KNEE ARMOR STRAP COLORS???

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What color and width elastic is the best to use for the knees? Also, are you glueing them in or velcro? I'd hate for them to pop off while wearing.
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I'm pretty sure the elastic is white on one of them-- maybe both. I'll have to make sure and check over my pics again.
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Thanks, I also need the width. I think it is 1" for the knees. Not sure though. Also, are they permanetely glued in and you slip them up your leg, or is there another way of putting them on?
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i use a black elastick and not glued and no velcro
but my knee are good "attached" also i can use velcro in the back of the knee guard
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sorry the bad pics
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I use elastic of course but had 1"x2" velcro tabs on the knees and inside plates to secure them. Otherwise they are prone to sliding down and around.

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What was the width of your elastic, 1"? Also, is it white or gray on the ROTJ Boba?
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i used 1 inch white elastic which has been weathered to roughly match the color of the knees. snaps on the sides and velcro on the knee plate. this method works fantastically. i have yet to have one pop.
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what do you mean "snaps"? On the elastic to the knee or the knee to the jumpsuit?
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I highly recommend sewing velcro to the front of your jumpsuit at the knees and attaching the opposite piece to the inside of your knee armor. I have yet to have mine budge using this method. If you don't, they will eventually slide down unless you put them on super tight. But if you do that, the chances of them popping off increases. Of course if you want to be film accurate, don't add the velcro. You can see how the knee armor slid down on the RotJ skiff scene. :rolleyes
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This is one case where I'll have to pass on accuracy; I'm going to make sure I have velcro attached to my knee armor. I wouldn't want my knee armor slipping down to my shin tools and looking sloppy. :)
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I'm gonna start this one about the accurate colors on all Fett's straps for the knee armor and...yes, the BUTT!!! Don't laugh about it! ( :lol: )

I think that the easiest of all is for Jango that his straps are all BLACK (I guess, I'm not a Jango fan), but about Boba Fett, I noticed that the bands in his knee armor ARE DEFINITELY WHITE and painted or weathered in grey or misted with flat black in the MoM pics.

Now, there are not many pics of Boba's...butt (except of my pics taken with the costume on...thanks Mirax ;):D ) and I can't make sure of what color exactly are painted these. I know that Tylerdurden has the right answer for this as well.

This topic came to my mind, cause when I was taking the pics with my costume, my seamdresser asked me about it, and guess what was my reaction face as an answer...:facepalm

What do you guys think?

I'm pretty sure his butt floss was white in ESB. And I think it's the same for Jedi. Heck, it might even be the same stuff used on the knee pad, which was white.

However, there is a knee strap floating around (AOSW), which is a PrePro knee, that has the strap painted yellow from over-spray.

As far as the white straps looking grey or misted, I really think they are just old and dirty. Although, I wouldn't completely rule out they dirtied the elastic up a bit.
I agree with TD. It all appears to be white. There's a possibility it was weathered/dyed/painted (as with the elastic on the boots), but on the MOM exhibits, it's just as possible that it's accumulated dirt and grime from 20 odd years of storage.

Just my thoughts.

I dirtied mine up a bit with some gray paint so that you can still see it, but it doesn't look so noticeable ("Hey, nice thong Boba." :rolleyes).
:lol: , I completely agree. Mine's are white (accurate), I just wanted to dirty them a little bit, specially the knee armor straps with a little grey or flat black...maybe both (but just a mist)

Before I added elastic to my knees and buttplate, I stretched the pieces out onto a board with thumb tacks. I spray-painted the stretched elastic a light-grey color.

The pull-out poster in the BF magazine (Star Wars Galaxy Collector 1998) shows the knee straps to be a greyish color. The model wasn't wearing the butt-floss in that picture.

I think the idea is to make it a color that blends with your jumpsuit; as someone stated above, you want the focus on the overall costume, not your thong.

batninja wrote:

you want the focus on the overall costume, not your thong.

Speak for yourself!! I saw the pic of Cutest Sandgirl and Mr. Fett . . . if that's what happens when you wear a Fett thong, I'm SOOO in! :p
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