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I am currently assembling my new gauntlets Rotj version and they are fiberglass, what I was wondering if any of you have coated the interior with anything to stop the itching factor and if so what have you used?
My gauntlets are styrene, but on those and my FG bucket, I sprayed the inside with spray-on truck bed lining. You can find it in the automotive section of walmart for about $3 a can. It worked well on both surfaces, and it kept my bucket from being itchy.
Simpler solution - spray the inside with black primer. (2 or 3 coats) The paint goes on thinner than any liner and even the thinnest layer of paint will prevent the fibreglass from itching you. Plus i heard the truck liner stuff can sometimes leave a pretty bad smell.

Jodo_Kast wrote:

Plus i heard the truck liner stuff can sometimes leave a pretty bad smell.

Mine left no smell at all. I prefer the liner, because it gives the bucket (or gauntlets as the case may be) an added sturdiness, so I worry less about accidently breaking something.
The truck undercoat will not stick very well with fiberglass.. But, go ahead and primer it. Then use some spray adhesive (3m brand) and find some thin foam from a fabric store. Even look around for even blue jean material. This will help with the fiberglass from making you itch. lol.. You should of seen me when my Vader Helmet wasn't lined.. Wow..!
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