Gauntlet missile question


Hey guys, I know I havent posted here in a while. I just got sidetracked on a commander clone project i was working on.

Anyways, i want to get started on my ESB Fett and im trying to get a friend of mine to machine me a Gauntlet missile entirely out of aluminum and then have the tip of it anodized bronze. Only thing i need is measurements. Ive searched this forum for a few hours yesterday and found that it needs to be 18.3 cm. (7 3/8"). I also found that the bronze part 1 3/8" tall at its highest point and the main body is 1" tall. Are these measurements accurate? I already have two missiles, one resin (ruffkin) and one Aluminum and brass (weighs a ton!!). The measurements i just read off to you do not match the missiles i have though.

Ultimately my goal is to get the lightest machined missile i can get. Please, any info given to me would be greatly appriciated.



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Maybe this would help. I found the PDF file I did with complete dimensions. See attached


I still need to try and make one to your print.
The ones I have made in the past seem a bit to big. The one in the pic is a one off of some measurements I was playing with in CAD.
I also went with only six splines instead of eight.

You can't go wrong the Wiz's prints.

I have never done a run with the copper tips. I only made two like that. I have one and Rip has the other. The rockets I have done in the past are not to WOF's prints. Everything else, except the "FP" knee darts have been WOF's prints, with his permission and a free set sent to him.


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Sorry for the delayed response guys. I was at SW Weekends with my family this weekend.

Thanks for all the info though. It will help out tremendously!

Wizard, PM sent.