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Has anyone seen this gauntlet kit before?

Saw that set the other day. Thought I knew it at first but, not who's I thought it was.

The gauntlets themselves don't look too bad. The rocket is pretty bad though. For starters, it only has two rows of holes in the "plumb bob" part of it.

Depending what it's going for though, might not be a bad deal.

That's my thoughts anyway.

Those look like the same ones that are always being put up on eBay. I could be wrong though but the pic looks the same.
If I remember correctly a chap called "Egyptbrick" sells them. Apart from the rocket they do look really nice and clean cast

If those are supposed to be Jango gauntlets, then the left one is completely wrong. There shouldn't be a calc pad area, or the calc pad itself either.
Thats one thing that was getting me too BF. If they were Boba gauntlets then they wouldnt need the grappling hook bacause you cant see his and one the right gaunt he doesnt have the _-_-_ shape. So it had me confused.
A buddy of mine just bought a set of those. I'll try and get some pics of them when they arrive and let you all know about the quality. The rocket could use some improvement though.

I was seriously thinking about buying this set. Is FP's price close to this one's? These are about $180 U.S. plus shipping. If FP's price is reasonable, I would much rather deal with a member.
I saw these today when my buddy got them. The upper parts are very clean and crisp allthough they seem a bit to small in the diminsions. The lower clamshells suck though. They are both the same one (the right side) and badly warped. I don't think they can be used more than likely gonna have to hook them up with sintra bottoms.

As far as durablily I would say that resin wasn't the best thing to go with. It's thin in some areas and they could easily be shattered if you stumbled into a wall or swung your arm and hit something with mild-medium force.

For $180 I would say they are a tad overpriced considering there is a lot of work to be done to get them costume ready. But this is just my own opinion.

The flamethrower is not pictured but it was included in the set. The area where the 2 nozzels are is empty, it is just an empty resin box.

Another one of these is up on E-Bay. I almost bought it, but it's still a little confusing as to whether they more match Boba or Jango. It's almost as if it's a Boba left and a Jango right.

Has anyone bought these? Any decent comparisons to FP's?

I figure for Boba, I can fill the Azteccian dag on the right gauntlet with putty and sand the sharp edges down a bit to round them off. I have a couple local people working on the aluminum rocket idea (will post when appropriate). What other improvements are needed?
I would suggest just sticking with one of the many quality gaunt makers here on TDH. They are tried and true, you know they are sticklers for details, and you know you won't get ripped off. That's just my 2 cents.


batninja wrote:

Has anyone bought these?

I just got a mostly finished set off of eBay; the dealer (not egyptbrick) said that he had bought them there last summer, so it's possibly the same kit. For my purposes, the fact that it's not exactly either Fett's pair isn't a big deal. But I'll let y'all know what they're like when they get here.

batninja wrote:

Another Has anyone bought these? Any decent comparisons to FP's?
If you want a comparison of FPs, just look at the real suit. You won't find a more accurate kit than his, at least not that I've seen.

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