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SO I attached my hose to my MOW guantlets. They seem pretty rigid. How do I make the hoses easier to move around and not so rigid??? Do they crack? Can I warp them somehow? I figure right now they are at the correct length any shorter and I will loose mobility in my arm soo any suggestiong?


Pete, alot of people use elastic loops (sewn between the sleeves) to give a little bit of flexibility:


I hope this helps!
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What part is confusing? Please be specific. I'll reword it if necessary.
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I got it. Actually I did something similar with small caribeaners. around a plastic loop. But I think that maybe the hose might be tooo long. Thank you Batninja!
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Cookie, I'm not an ESB expert, so I don't know exactly how many hoses (there should be some decent reference photos somewhere), but most of us use the standard sink hose. You can buy it by itself, or in a kit (with the spray nozzle). I remember buying two, just to be sure, but I had plenty to do three ROTJ hoses (diagram above).

Hopefully, someone will chime in soon with the correct number and location of the ESB hoses.
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