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After more than a year of fiddlin' around with my present hose set-up or lack there of. . .I've come for advice. Right now, I just have standard braided 5/8" hose runnin' off and tucked into the shoulders of my jumpsuit (just 2 though like ya see in the ROTJ vis. dic. pix).

No problem. . .but wait . . .there is. . .the stock I cut my hoses from is from a local farm supply store (that's right . . .yeehaw I live in the 'zarks of AR). Anyhow this hose's primary fuction is as a pesticide applicator (pretty sweet) and is very stiff (especially at the short length I have it cut at)which more often than not leads to the hoses controlling my arms/hands rather than vice versa.

In short. . .just wondered what type and where folks procurred their hose which hopefully is lighter and more flexible. Yer advice is and always has been most appreciated. Take it easy.

Suppa Fett
Suppa! Whats up?

I find Fett stuff in the strangest places. I recently had to throw away a shower head with a hose line beacause the plastic clip broke. The hose is the perfect size and looks perfect for the Gauntlet fuel lines.
Hey Suppa I see you said you live in the ozarks of Arkansas. I live in the ozarks of SW Missouri. Where you is. Maybe if they have a ozarkcon LOL we could go troopin.

I am also looking for the gaunt hose for my ESB gauntlets. need to go to lowes or true value and see if they have what I need.
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