Gauntlet Darts - SHIPPED MARCH 3, 2003



Feb 28/2003

Well, they held to their 2 weeks . . . barely.

Just got the gaunt darts . . . the tool shop did a very nice job and I think you'll find them worth the wait.

Everyone's money orders but two cleared (I'll PM the two that I couldn't cash to get'er cleared up).

I'll try and get some pictures up this weekend but, I'm not going to be around much.

And since Canada Post doesn't work weekends, they probably won't get out of the city til Monday morning but . . . alas . . THEY'RE DONE! :)

Thanks to EVERYONE for your patience. It's much appreciated.

And, stay tuned. Hopefully something new coming from this toolshop in the near future (and this time, I promise, it won't take 4 months) :)



Feb 14/2003

Hi all,

Good news. The deal was signed sealed and delivered today! Finally. I'm so glad to have this monkey off my back. I can't apologize enough for it taking this long. I know some of you have waited months and, I hope this hasn't soured anything.

The deal was signed today as I said, I will be receiving them in 2 weeks, and I'll turn around and get them in the mail that very night. My cost went up, so, I'm kicking in the few extra bucks on every set - I figure it's the VERY least I can do for having this take so long.

So again, thanks for your patience. And sorry for any inconveniences or slowdowns this has caused in your costume.

I'll post a new blueprint shortly to let everyone know what they're in for! :)

Thanks again guys,


Jan 22/2003

Hi all,

I've been talking with a few of you, some more than others, and I have good news . . after a few setbacks, and now going back to the ORIGINAL toolshop (they're more expensive, but they won't dick me around), I've been told that we SHOULD be about a week away (I know I've said that about 4 times, so, thanks for waiting).

This extra time though has allowed a few extra changes to the darts to be made due to some research that's been done over the last few weeks. I was going to leave them as suprises, but, I feel so bad for this taking so long, that I'll spill the beans.

First off, some radius curves will be introduced on both ends where the thin bits go thicker. A subtle detail, but, definitely one that will add to the accuracy. Secondly, the grooves in the tip will be changed thanks to some research done with a few of you--big thanks to you.

So . . . I hope that you all will at least think it's worth the wait. I'm sorry it's been over a month without an update, but, I just wanted to make sure I had something to update you with that was worth while.

I'll talk with you all again in a week.

Thanks again, SOOO much, for your patience.


Dec 28/2002

Hi guys, first off, thanks for your patience with everything, it's much appreciated.

So, here's what's going on. The first guy that was going to do them for me, it looks like he's backing off, so, I'm just hammering out the details with another guy at the same toolshop. They will get done, so don't go thinking they wont! :) I'm hoping to have him start within the first two weeks of January.

What's going to make this good for you all though is that I'm incorporating two new features into the design that I've yet to see on any darts to make them that much more accurate. I think you'll be blown away. Of course, once I get the first one off the line, I'll have some pictures for you all! :)

So, again, thanks for your patience. You all will be rewarded handsomely! :)



Dec 16/2002 - Here's where we're at. Unfortunately, with the holidays, and my grandmother suffering a stroke (a mild one, but enough to scare the livin' begeezes out of me), I've not had that much time to invest into the project, which will now probably not get looked at again until the first week of January as everyone is obviously gearing up for holidays.

I still need the remainder of the money orders to come in for those of you who haven't paid yet.

Thanks, and I'll keep you all posted.



Gauntlet Darts


The darts will be going for $50 (shipping included) for a set of 4 darts.

1. shawnpane (M.O. RETURNED)
2. phantomfett (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
3. phantomfett (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
4. DL44Blaster (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
5. greengriffon (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
6. TK9120 (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
7. TK9120 (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
8. Ttef Abob (M.O. RETURNED)
9. TK0000 (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
10. Gator Fett (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
11. Nerf-Herder (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
12. Nerf-Herder (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)
13. Spheric Thor (paid & SHIPPED MAR 3)


Those look awfully familiar my friend?

Funny though, I don't see any residue of reddish painted epoxy, and the 20 years of corrosion appears to have buffed out really well? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had those made

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Just to keep everyone in the loop . . . things will be about 2 more weeks before the darts get made up, as there is a new CNC machine coming in that will not be installed until then, and, we need this machine. So, once I know the machine is ready and it can make the parts, I'll ask for a money order then.

I'll PM and post info in the thread as I know. I want to make sure everyone stays in the loop!

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The set I received are cooler than I had anticipated! Although they are a very small and subtle detail, they are an absolute must have. I recommend highly!!!!! Really great work ego and thanks again...
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Don't miss out on these darts!! They are awesome!!

In fact they were the very first piece of my ESB Fett!!!

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I am glad evryting went O.K. Don't even worry about the amount of time.(well not in my case)The sample dart is what sold me.If you say there bad ass.Then so be it.Thanks again man.
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Got any spares lying around? Please LMK and thanks!

Stay safe.

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Well, I'm probably going to have a few sets left over when all is said and done. Give me another day or two to figure out just how many.

I will have pictures in the next day or two as well. I've just been quite busy.

In the meantime, if anyone else is interested in a set, please post in this thread. I already have two people who've expressed interest. If you want in, post here, and the order they post in, you've got dibs! :)

The new darts do have the accurate "threaded" grooves, and some radius curves when going from the thin part to the thicker parts.

And just so everyone knows who ordered before, watch your mailbox, the darts shipped out last night! :)

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I got mine today. They're realy nice. Since I already have two sets I'm selling this set. I forgot who I pm'd about them , but they're in and if you want them pm me for details.

Thanks Ego.

Knowing Canada Post . . . I'm suprised that anyone's gotten theirs already! :) hehehe

WOOOOOOO!HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just got mine! :D These are exquisitely DETAILED pieces of art! :eek: No gauntlet should be without these! Thanks, Jer!!
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