Gauntlet Attachment idea w/diagram


I've been trying to come up with a way to attach my gauntlet halves together. right now I have strips of elastic and they're just not working. I was thinking of doing basically the same thing, except with velcro strap. I was wondering if anyone has done the method and how good it works.

(velcro would be on the inside of course)
hmm...why aren't your elastic straps working? Mine worked great on Halloween. The biggest problem I had was trying to find the right glue to make it work. The superglue gells and goop didn't work. I eventually tried LOTS of regular super glue and it worked great. The biggest problem I had with it was when gluing it down trying to keep my fingers from getting glued to them.
I've seen people use this way but to me the easiest way is to just make them like the originals... put the velcro on the outside of the bottoms halves and on the inside of the top halves. If you look at the MoM pics thats how the real ones were set up.
I believe I figured it out. I'm planning on leaving the back ends only with the elastic, and using the velcro idea down by the wrist, thats, the problem area. I'll let you guys know, how it works. Thanks for the help
Instead I used the 1 1/2in elastic as a hing on one side. then added small strips of velcro on th opposite side. In the middle, I ran some 1in elastic straps across the top half. It works great. I will try and post pictures if anyone is interested.
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