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I am about to trim my gauntlets but I have a question first. Do you trim the rear flush or leave a lip? I mean the upper arm part. I see in some reference pics that the wrist is trimmed all the way until there is no lip at all.
I had to trim mine so there was no lip. My forearms are to big to fit otherwise. I would just trim to fit and fit somewhat tight to help them from turning aroung your arm.
Like Bob, I left the lip on mine in the rear and the front, But I had to remove most of the lip in the front. I found out after wearing it for any amount of time that the lip would cut into my skin. I actually lost feeling in one of my thumbs after AdCon last year for about a month!:eek:
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I think it really depends on how big or small your arms are. I think it looks better with the lip, but if someone does'ent have big arms you have to cut more off. The best thing to do is hold them up and mark them on your arms with your flight suit sleeves on (a second set of hands helps). When you start cutting make sure it where you want it becase you can't put it back! Remember measure twice, cut once. ;)
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