GAH!! Dye not taking to my girth belt.

Reverend Scapegoat

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I just dyed my girth belt using Dylon Cold Water dye.
It didn't take at all.

Do I need to soak it in acetone? If so, where will I get a bottle of acetone big enough without paying silly amounts... Or is there anything else I can use?
WalMart has acetone in the paint section. So does Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Soak that bad boy overnight, nail it to a baord while it dries so it doesnt shrink.

Dye using RIT dye and boiling water. Theres a thread around here somewhere that details the exact procedure...

Good luck!
Is your girth mohair, and untreated? Some girths are made of a synthetic material and some are mohair but treated so they can't really dye. E2K13 knows a lot more about them, hopefully he has some advice.
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