Full boba fett build over time with a noob.


Thanks for the reply! I will read your thread more carefully next week! :p
Where you from? I'm from Chile, so I just use the word "bondo" since it's similar to what we have here, which is "Masilla Mágica" (magic putty) haha.

I'm from Sweden and here it's called plastic padding. It's great but smells terrible.


Update time!

image.jpg So this is where I'm at with the flight suit it's made from the plastic shapes transferred to bedsheets now I can tuck it in where I want to and I'll make the actual pattern from this :)

image.jpg Made a new tank top and fitted it to the jet pack. The rocket and the rocket base isn't attached yet.
image.jpg Made holes for the thrusters to fit in nicely
image.jpg Cleaning up the pianokeys
image.jpg Leveling out the tops for the caps
image.jpg Made molds for the tank caps, I also made the bottom tank cap so the last piece (except for the beacon) is molded!
soon I just have to make the finishing touches on this pack and it will be ready! When I get some more money I will make a mold for this just because I think it fun. Maby if somebody in Europe wants to buy a kit I'll be willing to sell some casts. We will see how it turns out first :)


thanks for for looking feedback is much appreciated !