FP V.2 Interest Thread (FINALLY!) And FP Update


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Hey guys and gals -

First off, thanks for hangin in there !

I've been going through some life changes recently. I've moved (sort of) and am awaiting internet access to be installed in the home I've moved into. It should be Thursday (was supposed to be today but the cable company confused the install time) so I got the short end :lol: So to all that I've been playing PM pr E-Mail tag with, this is why. I have been returning home everyday or so to hook up and communicate with those that have had business with me in the last couple of weeks. But by the end of next week, I'll be squared away. Just an update

Now to the topic. I'm ready to let the V.2 out the door if anyone is interested. To make sure that everyone that may be interested has a chance at getting in on this, I've considered a couple of solutions...

Solution one is doing a monthly run with up to 10 slots (perhaps more if necessary). This thread will give me an idea of how to proceed with that. Doing it this way would give me time for production/re-order of materials, and time to members that may need to make arrangements for themselves. It also gives realistic expectations to each member for transit and delivery. As well as an opportunity for newer members that come aboard every month. Basically, every month on a specific day, I can start a new list for anyone that didn't fit into the first, and so on. Each member will be notified when their armor is ready for shipment. Payments will be expected at that time. If you would rather pre-pay, that is fine, but it is not necessary. Every member will receive their armor at the end of the month before the next round commences.

Solution 2 isn't original at all. Rolling interest, or simply first come, first serve. This will be by PM only. With this method, I will only make armor to order. Payment will be expected up front. This is only because it is private, and it ensures that the sale is locked. I've never worked this way before, but there have been issues as of late that I'd rather not deal with again. The downside to this solution, ( it's the standard traditional way everyone does it of course) is the producer can get behind schedule, and there is no order to speak of. Members can feel like they're not being treated fairly

I'm going to leave this decision to you. The members. You're the backbone of this board. And I'm here to serve. If there is not enough interest, then the obvious choice will be first come, first serve. So cast your vote here. We'll tally in a couple of days (I will be ordering plastic Monday). If a list is what the board decides, it will be made at that time

Information :

Full Set Vac Formed Armor (Chest, diamond, Collar, Cod, Shoulders, Backplate, and Kidney/Butt Plate) rough trimmed. All pieces besides the backplate are made with .90 thickness styrene. The backplates are done in 1/8 thick for durability (This is NEW). Styrene has gone up in price a little bit. But I'm not charging anymore than I have in the past. With the exception of the thicker styrene for the backplates.

Full (ESB or ROTJ) without knees rough trimmed - $220

Full (ESB or ROTJ) with knees rough trimmed - $255
(knees only produced by request only - at a small additional charge)

This is of course U.S. shipment only. Anywhere else will be based on a case by case basis. I'm sure you understand, as shipping is sometimes double abroad.

Pictures of most of the armor can be seen here ...


I will need to post updated pics of the newest components that have recently been finished (Collar, shoulders, and ESB goodness). But rest assured, they're all just as updated and different as the parts seen in the above thread.

payments can be made to : boznose@charter.net

I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Thanks everyone, as always.


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1. AFettFullOfDollars (Full with knees) ROTJ - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6734
2. Icedevil (Full with knees) - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0320 0000 0003 1199 1214
3. TxFett (Full with knees) ROTJ - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0320 0000 0003 1199 1221
4. Rabid Bantha (Full with knees) ESB - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6710
5. Devilstar2k2 (Full with knees) ROTJ - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6703
6. Psberetta (Full with knees) ROTJ - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6758
7. Predatormv (Full with knees) ESB - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6727
8. FON (Full with knees) ESB - PAID - SHIPPED USPS CUSTOMS #CP112383591US
9. Benkenove (Full with knees) ESB - PAID - SHIPPED USPS CUSTOMS #CP112381984US
10. KaanE (Full with knees) ESB - PAID - SHIPPED USPS CUSTOMS #CP112381975US
11. Ripcode (Full with knees) ROTJ - PAID - SHIPPED USPS #0306 2400 0003 4718 6741

Please update your interest posts with what version you would prefer (ESB or ROTJ).
I see that most of you did not specify. So I will give it a few days for those posts to be
updated before I list all of your preferences. Don't post again please. It can just complicate, as I'm going down the list in order and will just look at the same posts again, unless someone is dropping.

Thanks everyone. I gonna get at it tonight ;)

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Definitely count me in for a set. I dont know if im elligable for a set though, as my emails and PMs to you have gone unreplied to for the past 2 years. I never completed my first set of FP armor because another board member lost my collar plate when he borrowed it and I never could beg hard enough to get a back plate, but this new offer solves all of that for me. I'm willing to toss the original set of FP armor that I have if I can get the new armor this round. To this day I don't know why I was ignored before. I hope I never did something to offend you.
The new armor looks spot on. I've always wanted to do a Fett costume and ironically it was the first costume I ever started, five years ago. I never got past about 50% of building it. I'm dying to actually have a fett costume to wear. The new pieces look outstanding.

PS- I forgot to mention I'd go for either solution. I think 2 is a good solution and it protects you very well.

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I personally like solution one, and would like to be put on the list for a full set :D
It's too easy for a request to slip by in one's PM box, especially if you get alot of them. This way you'll know who wants what. And everyone will know when theirs is ready to ship, so that's good!

ROTJ Trimmed without knees
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I say choose whatever option you feel most comfortable with and one that will not cause too much stress on you though I personally think option 1 seems to be the easiest and the plan with the least amount of possible troubles. Oh and please count me in for a full set with knees because I've been burning a gigantic hole in my pockets for months.

EDIT: I would like a full trimmed ROTJ set with knees. I can send payment as soon as I recieve your paypal info. Thanks again FP.
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I like the sound of the first option. Monthly lists sounds like a reasonable idea. Buyers have time to add funds and as you stated you get time to plan for production. Sounds very organized.

Either way I would like to be on the list for the next run. I'm doing an ESB Fett and your quality and pricing look fantastic. Webchief is my CO and his endorsement is more than enough to sell me. When you make your list please put me on it.

Full ESB WITH knees. Untrimmed. I'll risk the x-acto knife and buy some extra band aids.
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EDIT: FP, I'm going to withdraw from the March run. Someone else can take my spot on the list. :cheers
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So the only armor that does not come with the set is the buttplate correct? Sorry if I seem stupid but I just want to make sure.
I am in for sure, I also want a set of knees to go with it. I don't care which way you do the ordering as both work out, which ever works best for you.
I want a SET of ESB!!!! I need it...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees... I need ;)

Question: How much is the set with the Knees?
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i wonder if looking at the pictures of fp v. 2 is what love is supposed to feel like? lol. i'm going to join the general consensus here so far and support option 1, for the same reasons many have listed above. it's been a little tight for me since mid december, but it should start picking up again soon and it's good to know that i'd be able to just wait until the next month to get on the list in case i missed the last run.
update ...ROTJ full set with Knees


Option one seems good to me..however its your call....I want a set!!!!!!!
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I would be extremely interested in a set. If you chose order method one would this apply to helmets and other products too or just the V2 stuff??
Well, I also must admit that I would prefer method one, and my main reason is that I'm having very hard days at work, and many economic problems, so, if with this method, I KNOW FOR SURE that I can wait 1 month, or maybe 2, and I still have the possibility FOR SURE to get the armor, that would be amazing for me !!! but in any case, if that wuoldnt be possible, take for sure that I would "rent my body" if necessary :D:D but I must own a FP v2 full armor :D:D

In any case, is your choise !!!

P.S. would be nice to hear about the butt piece and gauntlets :$:$:$

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