for those who have used sintra for thier armor

Boba Freekk

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what thickness did you use for:

chest armor
knee armor/shoulder bells
back plate

im in the process of ordering sintra from US plastics and i want be sure of the thickness before i place an order.thanks:D
I used 1/8" for all of my sintra Armor pieces.
The cod has 2 layers at the front area to build it up.
As well, I have vacuformed styrene gauntlets, not sintra.
thanks guys!!!

the site list thicknesses in decimal form,.120 is closest i can get correct?because 1/8 converted to a decimal is .125

now i feel really dumb:facepalm!!!!!!
I used 1/8" Sintra for: Chest armor,shoulder bells,back armor,
cod piece, and knee armor. The 1/8" Sintra is easier to work with than 1/4" Sintra......invest in a Dremel tool and heat gun before anything else.
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