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That's probably the easiest, it's already made, and probably not too expensive. I used black Dickies coveralls for a tie fighter pilot I did last year.

I made all that stuff (except the helmet) before I realized you could buy it. My Jango is being done right. If your picky there are a couple of board members that make realy nice suits to your size specifications, but it'll cost more.


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x-mart said:
Who makes the nicest suit on the boards for Jango?

We do not like to dicuss -the best- in term of anyones work here.

You can ask for different works from people who build Jango's but I would reword your question


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Well than..since I'm not a Jango enthusiast "yet"..I'm looking for "movie accurate" (shape and color wise) custom sized jumpsuit for my Jango :)
Any help would be highly appreciated


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I too would love to find a member I can commission to make me a top grade Jango Jumpsuit. Please submit recommendations.

Hey Asok, is the dickies link to the "most Accurate" jango color they offer?



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jangofett76 said:
I need a new flight suit. My current one is wearing out.

Bill, are Dickies coveralls the ones you wear? Thanks. ;)

My first set where. My ones are where made by me.


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BobaMaker offers a Jango flight-suit, anyone got one?
If so, any comments or Pics?
I suspect I'll get one if I hear nothing negative, then pics will follow.


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cal196 said:
dont most people use a shirt and pants for jango instead of a flightsuit?
The really Boba Fett jumpsuit was in two pieces. Jeremy Bulloch told me that when they didn't need to see the lower part of Boba's body, he'd be wearing shorts.


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Your best bet for coveralls is to get a pair of Red Kapp coveralls (can't think of the specific color right now) and convert them because they make the closest in coloring to the color you want for a Jango flightsuit out of all the major coverall makers. Look for Skalen Fehl's (sp?) thread of his suit and you can see the kick butt job he did on converting a pair.

I have a pair and they would have been perfect if I hadn't made my own.

Now if your thinking about going with two pieces, a separate top and bottom...then I'd always thought about looking into those hospital garbs (don't know what they call them) because they come in a wide range of colors and look comfortable to wear. But I don't know if they make them with long sleeves or without the V neck? But I'd think it'd be easy to alter a top of one of those to have a double sleeve.

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I bought some dark navy Dickies coveralls for my Jango. I looked at the flight suit that BKBT made for me and the new one looks dark. What should I do? Thanks.;)

The one that BKBT made for me is getting holes in them where I put snaps on the flight suit to the armor pieces. That's why I needed a new one to look a little nicer.
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How are the Navy blue coveralls weathered and recolored to look more of that lighter more accurate purpleish color? Im in the military and we wear dark blue coveralls so I have tons of them hanging in my closet. But I need to know what to do to conver them to the right color.

Let me know