Flat Spray Sealer?


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Hey folks,
Is there such a thing as a FLAT sealant? Something that, even if sprayed on a gloss surface, will negate the gloss and leave the surface flat?

One of the problems I'm encountering is that my suit is too shiny. If it's old, beat up and battle-worn surely the sheen should be gone ;)

Thanks much,
Hey I ordered a sealer from Micromark the other day and received it last night I usually use Dulcoate but this stuff is really nice it's made by Krylon it's comes in a smaller can than normal but I think it's called clear sealer I like some properties about it over dulcoate it appears less abusive to surface materials such as decals etc. (dulcoate if put on too much will kirinkle decals) just thought I would point out this new thing I tried. I'm usually a Dulcoate man.
There is a dulling spray that I have bought, at my local Michaels, and the only thing that I found with it, is that it wasn't really permitt, as it was some sort of dulling spray that you could rub off in areas that you wanted to have a shine still. I did find that if I sprayed a area with a high gloss, or a matte spray, and then before it dried, applied the dulling spray to that, that the dulling spray would stay. I then could rub off the dulling stuff off of the areas like the scratches to show more of a shine to the metal.

Unfortunatley I do not remember the name or brand of this stuff.. but it worked.. So yah there is stuff out there.

If there is a dulling spray that is permitte please let me know as well. thanks
I've always used Testors Dull-Cote on my suit. It comes in little spray cans and you can find it by the model paints at places like Meijers and Michaels.
For dulling the Alclad II chrome finish on my Jango, I used "Armory Matte Sealer". It took that mirror finish down to a nice dull non-reflective look. The product came in a 12 oz can, so I'll have enough to do an entire platoon of Jangos!

The product number is "ARY GG-SPM"; distributed by Alliance Game Distributors in Baltimore, MD 21208

Good luck,
There are other alternatives, depending on exactly what you're doing. Azeem used goo-off to take the shine out of the ABS stormtrooper plastic for his sandtrooper. You just wipe it on and wipe it off, and voila, the shine is gone. There was no lasting residue or tackiness, it was perfect. I would test it on something else over the paint you are using first.
Is that like goo-gone? We use it at work, I'd be afraid it would wipe the paint right off, or smear it. I have some here and might try it on a tiny piece to see what happens. It may have worked great on the trooper armor because there's no paint to rub off. I'll check it out :)

Thanks again everyone, very helpful :)

I don't know, I can't find the bottle. It's a little metal, yellow bottle with a tiny squirty thing on top. It says goo-something, anyway.

It might take paint off, or at least certain kinds of paint. You can be the guinea pig. :)
Testors DullCote all the way! I had no problems using it on my armor (or decals). Nothing but good things to say about it!!! :D
The metal bottle stuff is goof off which is pretty strong. The orange smelling stuff is goo gone and is a little more tame;)
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