Flans Bucket!

Darth Flan

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Well as some of you may know, I make shin tools for Boba but I never had a Fett of my own.....until now. I worked with my good buddy Judz Dwedd and ran one of his awesome buckets. Then I used Steve the Swedes bucket for inspiration (great paintjob by the way!)

I started with Rogues paint suggestions and went nuts for the next couple of months. It's not screen acurate but somewhat close and I think it turned out pretty good.

I just wanted to add that the members on this forum are the best of the best. And it is very evident when you try to tackle a project like this yourself. My hat's off to all of you!

Next on the plate is the armor! Stay Tuned.




Thanks man, couldn't have done it without you! All of my 'Problem' spots disappeared once I went to work painting it. I'm a fiberglass noob. :D
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