First Sons – Boba Fett Preproduction #2 Helmet Progeny


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Great story! Really fascinating to read about the history of this and what a strange trip some of the pieces take over the years.
If only they could talk.

Of course, as with many here, I now want one of these, especially with the backstory that goes with it.
Lucky for me, it would be my first helmet!

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Thank you Art for sharing this info with us! Perhaps you should be working at LucasFilm?
Your passion and dedication to Boba Fett and Star Wars history is unmatched!


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I always loved BF from the movies, but i find the more I read on here the more interesting this becomes to me. Great article, and I can't wait to read the next portion after you get your hands on the Grant McMune helmet ;).


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This was an amazing read and info on the helmets and their history. I was sucked into the depth of knowledge you have on these. Thank you very much for sharing! ;)
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I really have to wonder if Lucasfilm really applied any great value to this item when it was sent out and what the agreement was in relation to its use. Bearing in mind there was no replica prop market back then and toys were where the money was I suspect the treatment of the helmet was no earth shattering moment back then.