Custom Mandalorian First Mando (W.I.P)


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Hey all! about a month ago I began work on my first ever Mando costume! and I decided to make a joke character. Well he started as a joke, me and my friends were thinking, Hey, what if we had an edgy sith lord! and out of that sentence grew a character we call, Lord Edge. Yes, it is literally just Edge Lord reversed. But the character has actually really grown on me and I wanted to make him come to life, literally!

So, one month ago, I decided to start creating his armor! This is still a W.I.P as the title implies. and I am still very new at this, with little to no idea what I am doing, so all tips are appreciated

The armor will be a combo of Jengo, Legacy Mando, and the Executioner Armor yes I know, its a little all over the place

I will update this thread whenever I work on pieces, and hopefully when the full thing is complete!

First piece, testing the base coat.

More pieces cut out and sanded.
All of the chest pieces (but one) cut out and sanded, I also am starting the base coat of silver now.
here I wanted to test out some basic weathering using toothpaste. as well as actually coloring the pieces.
Painted the actual chest piece!
Now I really wanted to see what my weathering would do, so I weathered half, and didn't touch the other.
Then I weathered the other half Then I stopped taking a bunch of pictures. and got fairly far behind. But this is what I now have thus far!

Most of my work goes in on weekends, so i have been working on it around a total of 10-20 hours.
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