First Jetpack Build lil helpl please


Just got my Man of War Studios resin Jetpack kit and assembly going well. Just a lil help if i can get ideas on how to make the grapple hooks on rocket to open and close? Also the base of the pack any templates or listings on the connectors for flamethrower?
Yikes man, that grappling hook idea sounds awesome, but I have no idea how you could make it work -- major mod land for sure!

Depending on what build you're going for, there are some shots here:

(particularly stage 4 and stage 7), then there's the pics of the connectors on the pack from ROTJ:

and the stunt pack:

I know I saw another collection of pics of the pack and connectors, but can't find it again right now... sorry.

Best of luck!
Well the easiest way I could think to make them open is to drill out the rocket to put a pin through a hole at the hinge point in the fin. Then just fill the excess hole with bondo or something. Do this for all three fins and they will all lift up but wont lock. I have no idea how to motorize them without hollowing out the center of the rocket. Then attaching a something to the inside edge of the fin or to an inside corner with wire and having a small motor or piston type action compress and pull the fins to the upright position. I'm sure there's a better way but that's the first that comes to mind.
Awesome idea, Maybe spring loaded with a solenoid to release the blades and allow them to spring open. Just make sure one of the blades isn't facing the back of your helmet, that might hurt.
Solenoid! That's the word I was looking for lol. That's really not that bad of an idea. You could run a cable for the power source inside the body of the pack to save room in the rocket. Doing a bit of research small push solenoids are actually fairly cheap. This might be worth looking into.
Also keep in mind that the MOW rocket is roto-cast, so it IS hollow! You would just need to hollow out the base. As for how to make it work, thats beyond me..these other guys are better to answer that part lol
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