Finnished first custom, well the armor anyways..

Darth Squeet

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Just finnished attaching the armor onto the vest last night!!
let me know what you think.
That looks Great!
I really like custom mandalores that change up the armor instead of using fett's armor, just painting it diffently.
The armor's paint looks great! (y)
What did you use to get that aligator skin type of look?
Keep up the good work.
the paint job took, now sit down for this........:eek: over 2 weeks!!

What I did was, primed the armor, then with a FANTASTIC bottle, mixed the yellow paint with a ton of water. Sprayed, let it evaporate (2 days) repeated after tilting the armor a different way so the run-off would change, this time it took 4days to dry!!
Then the 3rd and forth coats took about the same each, but the killer was the last when I dusted with flat black while the paint was still wet and pooled up. That spray took 5days to dry almost. Sigh, watching that paint dry was a test of patience let me tell ya. But it was worth it cause man do I like the look!!!!!!
Thanks for the feedback guys.
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