FINISHED? Malone Fett ESB conversion and paint up!

terminal fettler

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First layer on the ears. Left ear is printed, right ear cast resin. I had to create a concave underside for the left ear to allow it to sit flush as the ear platform has a slight curve to it... All parts have threads tapped into them for fixing with brass cheese head screws...


I approached Garrett several moons ago to paint up my PP2 Malone Fett cast and it’s been a joy to watch as he has created a genuine Masterpiece. Unfortunately I won’t even get to enjoy it in the “beskar” as life’s changes forced me to let it go.
Once Garret has worked his final magic on it, I will be offering it for sale. If anyone is interested in adding it to their collection, PM me and we can talk. I’m looking to get close to what I paid for the cast & Garetts artisry. A sale thread will be placed in the cargo hold once it’s finished if I haven’t made arrangements by then.
Extremely disappointed but still Looking forward to enjoying the last paint touches by the Master.

terminal fettler

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Finally coming together with this paint job! So this is a screen used ESB replica and I have been as careful as I can to leave out all of the interesting additional damage from all the detailed reference available. That is the majority of painting finished with the exception of the right and left ear symbols which I have on order with Super Jedi, air brushed weathering and splatters, then the whole helmet will have a satin varnish to seal it all in. Let me know if I have missed any ESB details...


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Up there with the very best I’ve seen G. Brilliant as always, but with your updated colours and somehow even finer precision, it is simply jaw-dropping :eek: