Finally got myself a DP95 :-)

fett uk

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Yep it came this morning thanks to a fellow TDHer (cheers buddy you know who you are ;)) a DP 95 WHITE INTERIOR i was so chuffed when it came I told all the guys at work who obviously where totally bemused as to why I was so pleased to get as one said 'a star wars hat' they'll never understand :lol:.
Anyway heres a few comparison pics against my DP97. I was surprised at the size I thought the 95 would be a fair bit bigger. Also it feels slightly flimsyer (is that a real word!!) but the overall shape is much better, can't wait to mod it :D


So it was YOU who stole that from me!!! I watched it alll week! Curses to you!! hehheh. JUst out of curiousity, what was your high bid? Time ran out when I put in 30.25...
He He! sorry buddy this baby's mine...
BTW i'm not at liberty to divulge my top bid (the wife might read this ;))

The DP 97 has no flare and is warped. The 95 has a nice round dome and has much better shapes, but it is me or is it way shorter than the 97? This might be the reason why it has flare …
It is shorter front to back!! i measured the circumference of the base of both the 97 and the 95, the 95 was 1" less!
I had added more flare to the 97 and the width of the two are identical at 9" from ear to ear (since I took the photo I have added more flare to the 95)
a quick question to dp95 owners, the detail seems ragged (not very defined) the cheek greeblie isn't very detailed and the slots at the rear are filled in places, the 97 detail is very 'crisp', has anyone else owning both found this?

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