Fiberglass & Sintra Question

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Howdy guys,

Just a quick question on how well or not, will Sintra react to Fiberglass? I'm talking about armor molds here.

Sintra Armor = FG Process = Fiberglass Armor.

Will it work or not at all? Reasons? Opinions?

Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate the help.:)

Stay safe.
If you're talking about reinforcing sintra w/ fg to make it stronger, I guess it would work. If you put fg on the outside of the sintra, you're gonna have a lot of filling in to do w/ bondo. Or are you thinking of using sintra as a mold, and pulling a fg copy of of it? If so I don't think it would work. Once the fg hardens, it's gonna be tough to pull it off w/out destroying your sintra. I say make your original out of sintra, get some latex or invest in some silicon RTV. Make your 1st mold, and a 2 piece plaster mother mold and your makin' fg armor! For supplies check out and you MUST get the Thurston James book on molding and casting. Pm me if you have any questions.
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