fiberglass question


I would like to try to make some of my fett parts out of fiberglass. Specifically the gauntlets. I've already picked up the prop builder's molding and casting handbook by Thurston James, but I was wondering what material people use to make their molds for casting in fiberglass. I'm guessing plaster would be difficult, so do you use latex, silicone or what? Advice from someone who's done this before would be great. Thanks
If there are no undercuts, making the molds out of fiberglass works well. Otherwise, silicone. Which is expensive.
you can use casting latex as well for making the mold,just be sure and back it with a plaster jacket:)You can thicken the latex with cabosil.
There is some good "how-to" info at . Not specifically on fiberglass but for brushing on silicone molds and mother molds etc.
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