Fiberglass help!!!


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I wanted to do a fiberglass casting of my '95 helmet and yesterday I casted it in plaster (took me all day:facepalm)
I did that so that I can make some improvements using the plaster helmet rather than ruining the DP one.
I've have the molding/casting book, read articles, but I wanted to know how others have done so firsthand. I bought gel coat, fiberglass resin, fiberglass cloth, and PVA mold release.
I want to make a 2-part mold using fiberglass, the ears I will do separately, but how do I start?
Will painting the plaster helm and spraying on PVA mold release be enough?
How do I make the partition lines?
How thick does the mold need to be?
This will be my very first attempt as you can tell, so I can use all the help I can get.
Casting in fiberglass is another story too:cry
I thought about asking the same advice. There are a lot of members who made their fiberglass helmets and could possibly give advice on their techniques.
Thanks for the compliment Super-Mod. Yes I can teach people to make molds, but it requires more explaining than I care to type.
For molding advice, pm me with a phone #, and we'll interact that way. :)
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