Few Q's : Making Mold, Vac foruming.....etc

Tim Allen

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Ok so ive been wanting to tackle a trooper bucket for a long time and now that I have a very accurate helmet to visualize from im starting my sculpting and am want to eventually do a Vac pull from it. With that said im curious as to what i should do with the mould. Its going to be in clay 1st (obviously) but once the sculpt is fired can i do Pulls from that or should i maybe bronze the helmet in 4 pieces (dome/back, face plate, and ears) so that the mould will not deteriate over the many pulls and mess ups ill probable encounter along the way? Or leave it as is in the fired state and do vac pulls from it in this form? Secondly im probable going to build a vac-forming table and know there are a bunch of tutorials floating around there somewhere so if anyone has any links that would be greatly appriciated. Thx

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