New Hunter
Hi fellow Fettheads!!! Been quite some time since I've been active on here. Life and other hobbies got a little busy. Hope all those I knew then are still here and doing well. To those new since, hi and welcome to the best Star Wars related forum around, hope you are having fun. Julie, if you're still around I'm still patiently waiting in line for my Wookie braids lol (joking, don't know if she is still active or not).

Anyway, I just wanted to pass on some fan trinkets I came across that some might be interested in. I am no way connected with the following link or anyone associated with it. I collect a lot of different things other than Star Wars related items one of which being knives swords etc. One site I frequent that carries a variety of things, knives, jewelry etc., recently released a LIMITED run on some Star Wars tribute lanyard beads (commonly used on knives, key chains etc.) INCLUDING Fett helmet heads. They are not cheap for their size but are the utmost quality as everything on this site is. Not sure how long they will run or current supplies will last as they are handmade and produced in limited quantities (each is slightly different) so if interested don't wait. I picked up a Fett helmet in a sort of burnt bronzish color around the end of spring/first of summer and love it.

Mods please decide the best place for this post (wasn't sure weather to post here or in the cargo hold, so I'm going to post in both and let you guys decide which to delete lol..sorry and thanks lol) or if it violates anything, just passing on something I think some would appreciate and wouldn't want to miss out on. I'm going to get another one so don't wait lol.

First link is to the sites home page, second is direct to the Starlingear page and third is one of the Fett beads for the impatient lol.

Monkey Edge - The Finest in Custom Knives and Gear

Monkey Edge - Starlingear

Monkey Edge - Hiraeth Custom Jewelry Bead: Bounty Hunter - Titanium Purple Tones