Fett Pre-Pro "yellow" gauntlet

Jango Fett Jr

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Great work! I'm glad to see you sculpted the accurate details on the gauntlet rather than just repainting a standard gauntlet kit :)


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Yowza :cheers

Very nice ....

I've thought about jumping into these one day, but it looks like you got it goin bro !! Sure would look pretty next to an FP right gaunt ;)


never ending fett

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I'm interested to see how the coiled flame thrower comes out. Great progress. I had a cardboard stand-up of the prepro with the yellow gauntlet at one point. I like the look of the 2 different colored Gauntlets. Gives it the mix and matched look, like he's using what he could find or maybe they do different things and they're color coded for easily finding the right one for the task. Maybe in the Star Wars reality what we know as the prepro is actually what he pieced together after getting out of the sarlacc post ROTJ


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Tomorrow I will be posting up my new 1 off pre-pro gauntlets with extendable flame thrower. I will start my own thread just to not hijack this thread but be on the look out.
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