Fett Boots for a woman?


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Hi Everyone,
I am posting about a dilemma written many times over. :confused I have searched through the forum and read everything I could, to find answers to my ? prior to making this post.
So here is the issue, I have contacted Joey at CA Boots about fitting me with some boots, the smallest he has is a womans size 9 (a bit too big), I am looking for a 7.5. Or should I get the larger size and adapt them some how?He is still looking into it. (y)
Any suggestions as to where I can find a reputable pair made or where would be a good starting point at least. I know Wes has done some and MC is no longer doing them so where is a girl to turn?
I read, someone had some made in the U.K. and I pm'd that person.
I am not opposed to trying my hand at making some with the right base, as many have done due to the fact that suppliers are slim.
So any help is much needed and appreciated.
All of you are a great help and there is tons of info here, I just am stuck.
I've have referenced this forum many times.
Thanks again,

Jango Wes

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Hmmm. I would suggest finding a scuba boot or a canvas shoe like the Converse Chuck Taylors and painting them up. Beyond that, I don't know what to do for a small shoe. Wal mart and K mart have really good base shoes and at a reasonable price.