Fett Ammo Pouch --Reference Pic vs. Popular Opinion?

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Hey folks,
I didn't see this discussed in our archives, so apologies if this is old news.

Traditionally we see Fett's ammo pouch belt as a row of 8 leather pouches in a row, worn in front. This may be the case at times and it may have been changed over time and who knows? It's difficult to get a good detail shot of the belt area because he usually has his rifle in the way.

I don't own a belt so my question is, do the pouches move? Can they be slid along the belt or are they permanently affixed? **If they can be slid into different positions please let me know and we can kill this thread immediately**

If you have the Action Figure Archive, pg. 28 has 3 pictures from the ESB plainly showing the ammo pouches split in half, with 4 on each side, leaving about a 1/2 foot of belt in the middle.

The ROTJ seems to be the solid 8 in a row, and so does the Pre-Pro suit.

My sincere apologies, but I don't have a scanner, can't find a pic online, and haven't got the ref cd either. If someone can scan the lower left picture on pg. 28 of the action figure archive, that would be GREAT.

I can host/post it, just need a copy.


Ya know what I have found? Like almost EVERY part of the Boba costume- the answer to your question is "It depends"! It depends on the picture, the day it was shot, WHO helped him put on the costume... etc...
www.thefroce.net has a fantastic multimedia section with lots of pictures of just about everything. But, like you said, Boba has his gun up most of the time, blocking his belt! Look at picture # 15 in the Empire section of the Fett pics and you can see that the belt THERE has all eight all in a row touching. But as you pointed out, other pictures show them split. Remember, they never thought anyone would go through ALL the trouble folks like us have to actually MAKE a suit EXACLTY like the one used in the flicks. So there really is no ONE way to make a Boba! On a personal note- on my costume, I have them all in a row. It just looks cool!
Good luck!
Very cool, I like the split version, gets them out of the way so to speak.

Thanks guys,
TF.N multimedia is back up then?

It's not complicated.

The split version is ESB.
The 8 in a row version is ROTJ.

The pre-pro versions...are just that: pre-pro. They were moving those things all over the place and snapping photos just to see what they would look like.

I've even seen pre-pro pics where some of the pouches are in the back.
I'd thought about it simply being split between the two movies, two versions so forth. It just seemed odd that of all the replica ammo belts I've seen I've never seen one worn like that. Everyone sells the 8 in a row and makes no distinction between ESB/ROTJ versions.

I do see that ESB at times was 8 in a row,

Just needed clarification, and I have it.

Yeah, the only "anamoly" in the above-mentioned breakdown are those funky "Special Edition" scenes of Fett. Lucas had Mark Austin wearing the ROTJ suit (8 in a row) with the ESB helmet while doing an ANH walk-on scene. :rolleyes

They just dragged the ol' ROTJ filming costume out of storage for one day, threw it on an ILM staffer and shot it. No real time was spent on the "continuity" issue, since only freaks like us would ever know the difference anyway.

Virtually every ammo belt offered out there has moveable pouches. How you choose to wear them is just personal preference. ;)
Yeap, if you go ESB go with the parted pouches. Even the Marmit has the parted pouches, and all the shots that show the pouches in the ORIGINAL ESB show the pouches parted.

Nice pick-up, btw.
My pouches are not fixed to the belt so I can move them around as I want. However, I neer do just have them in a row.
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