Father In Law Fett ROTJ Build

Started the journey of building a ROTJ Boba Fett with my Father In Law. Over two years ago I started down the path of building a ROTJ Darth Vader. It was a lot of work and money of course to build it over that time. I got approved with the 501st late last year and I thought I was done. January 1st 2018 my wife and I were hanging out with her dad and we got to talking. At that point I had a few troops under my belt where he was able to attend one of them. One of the events I attended was on our local news station for the release of Star Wars the Last Jedi. He thought it was the coolest thing and loved that it made so many people happy when I showed up to an event as Darth Vader.

He mentioned to me that he would like to get involved. At first I thought he wanted to be a handler and help out during events, but I was way off. He said he wanted to build something with me so we can do the events together. He isn't a die hard Star Wars fan like I am, but he wanted to be a part of it. We started going through characters as I was showing him the pictures. I tried to point him in the direction of a Storm Trooper, but when he saw Boba Fett he said "that's it!" I knew how long it took me to build Vader, and I knew that Fett would take a long time too as it is so detailed. He loved the idea that my Vader is from ROTJ and he would be the ROTJ Fett. I spent a while researching the different pieces, and found someone on here that was selling a good chunk of what I needed and what's crazy about it is that it was all in my Father In Law's size. My wife and I talked it over and made the decision to buy it. About a month later for his birthday in March he got the surprise of a lifetime. There were three huge boxes waiting for him with just about everything he would need. Let's just say he was a little emotional about it that it was happening.

I asked around for painting help, but found it to be very expensive and knew with the couple grand that was already spent I would have to do the majority of the painting. There are a lot of talented painters on here that I contacted, and their paint work is AMAZING, and would have looked great when completed. I have a background in graphic design and illustration so it is time to shake off the rust and get it done. I hope to nail this spot on so he can get approved and we can spend time together when trooping. He will be helping me out during the process and has already been very involved. I would appreciate any feedback on how the build is going. I'm really looking forward to this journey with him as he is an amazing guy and has helped my wife and I so much through the years.
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The armor already came primed so I have added the metallic silver first coat. Hoping to have all the armor painted this month, and if I can squeeze in the gauntlets I would be REALLY happy. Going the rattle can route for these pieces. I've done many other detailed pieces years ago with rattle cans and liquid masking so I'm hoping to apply the same techniques to this. My kids are excited that their Grandpa (Papa) will become Boba Fett. They now call him Papa Fett...so going forward that's how I'm going to refer to my Father In Law.

Operation Papa Fett continues. Took about a solid 4 hours to mask the silver before spraying on the yellow. 4 Hours to mask, 10 minutes to paint, and then about another hour to pull off the masking after the paint dried. I really wanted to see if it worked properly before I started masking off the yellow. Will be re-masking the silver too, but I feel confident the process is going to work.



That's Great !!! I'm sure "Papa Fett" will be grateful for your hard work !
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress pics !!
Looking Good so far !!!
Papa Fett himself made an appearance after he got off of work last night! He wants to help out so bad so I told him the final layer of paint is going down. He shot right over and he did the honors. Today is my last full day off of my mini-home vacation so I plan on stripping away all the masking. After the Hunt Club green went on I misted the flat black spray paint. Heavier in some areas and then softened it up by misting Hunt Club green over the flat black. So far looks pretty good!

That's Great !!! I'm sure "Papa Fett" will be grateful for your hard work !
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress pics !!
Looking Good so far !!!
He is so pumped about this! You should see the text messages these days from him. It went from regular conversations to very Star Wars/Boba Fett heavy since we started this.
Spent most of the day yesterday peeling back the masking gel. Did some weathering with a wired brush, but will do some more in the next couple of days. Up next will be the shoulders and knees. My days off are done for a little while so progress will slow down, but I'm liking the way it's turning out so far.