EvanDallas ESB Fett Build


Jr Hunter
Greetings all

I've been researching and collecting parts for a long time. This forum has been an endless sea of knowledge and much thanks to you all.

Being realistic I know I'll be making loads of mistakes on the way so this thread will serve as my learning guide. With that said, if anyone reads this notices my mistakes please help out. Feedback is always welcome!

Parts List
Helmet - DVH V1.
Helmet - WastedFett on order
Rangfinder hollow - Machine Craft Replicas (MCR)
Bordon Connector - MCR
Vintage Casio MQ1 citcuitboard
Visor - still looking
Chinstrap - shapeways

Gauntlets - IOA (currently working on)
Flamethrower - RKD Will
Vintage Dental Files
Rocket - MCR copper
Whipcord Housing - DHPFX
Eveready light - shapeways
Glenross Expander- shapeways

Armor - DHPFX

Cape - Woodman whool

WookieScalp - woodman

Ammobelt - Delta13

Boots - MoW & CABoots
Toe Spikes - MCR

Sidearm - Vintage Pulce
Sheath - Delta13 (looking for a vintage nemrod as well)

Jetpack - DVH
Greeblies - MCR
Metalframe - blanking on name. Someone in cargohold

EE3 - Sidewinder and Hyperfirm

Jumpsuit - PilotBay on order

Gloves - MoW

Vest - MoW

Loads of progress pics coming


Jr Hunter
Progress so far. Currently working on getting the hinges hidden and the ABS bottoms need some more trimming.





Jr Hunter
Looks great so far. I really love the color of the stock on your EE-3. Looks real. Can't wait to see you progress!


Jr Hunter
Flamethrower from IOA (rip Will)


Black satin paint and rub & buff on the plastic.

Went over the metal parts at 2000 to 8000 grit.

I might paint over the red plastic with a metalic red acrylic.

This thing is a beauty. Will was an artist.


Jr Hunter
Cord Housing. Will need clean up but mainly done.

Used ABS scraps from my sandtrooper to do the white bits.



Jr Hunter
I wanted a way to retrieve the dental files so I inserted glue covered toothpics into the holes with the drill bits attached. So only the lower half of the files have glue on them. Not sure it was needed but worth a shot. Once cured I'll snip the exposed part off and sand down before I attach to the shells.