Eskilax commission...Jango flame-thrower


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The commission.

Flame-thrower dart prototype.

The trade...with my son always having to stick his head in a picture.





Wow Cruzer :) The Flame-thrower is so nice !
And the beer too ... I hope you will enjoy our best Belgian Beer ^^. (my advice is to drink it in a large glass :cheers )

great job, I have opted to only modify the Ruffkin ones at this point so I can at least get a Jango ver 1.0 up and running.

If you plan on making more than one of those, shoot me some details;)
Actually Kivas, I was finally going to have some spare time this weekend and the thought did cross my mind to make up a few and offer them up in kit form (assembled and rough sanded but not finish sanded or primered and you'd have to supply your own hardware), in-order to keep the price low. But I'm not sure there is interest aside from what you've expressed. This is the third one I've made now and I believe I've got the dimensions pretty darn close and I do have some extra material. But, I also don't know what a fair price would be. Any suggestions?:)

Plus, I've still got'a work on those prototype darts for Eskilax and get his out to him first.

Cruzer, I'd also definatley be interested in a Flamthrower Kit! "You want to make up the flamethrower kits, don't you?" I'm saying this while waving my hand around like a Jedi!:lol:

P.S. Thanks a bunch for the weathering tips!(y)

Cruzer , I am not sure what a fair price would be either. I do have all the hardware.. I am just interested in the box itself.

I recognize your time is valuable, and just thought if you were making a few extra I'd opt for the lazy route:lol:
Hey asok, could these be cast with the thread still entact and usable?

All right guys, I constructed a new pair of flamethrower nozzles from nylon hardware, significantly decreasing the weight the brass nozzles added to flamethrower. For me, lighter is better because it helps to keep my left gauntlet from twisting because of the extra weight.

These nozzles are also screw in so they can be removed for painting, weathering, replacement, etc. The tips were drilled out and backfilled with fiberglass resin because of hollow areas. Once the resin dries, I'll superficially drill out holes like the originals.

Let me know what you think, and for those of you that expressed interest, I'm in the middle of cutting some extra material today to make a few extra flamethrower housings.

They'll be in kit form (no hardware and you'll need to finish sand and primer). Let me see how long one takes me to build and then I'll have a better idea of what I'd like to get for em. The dimensions on these will be better and more accurate, as I spent the last week or so taking a crap-load of measurements from the ref. CD.


Done...finally! after a whole weekend and a few hours every evening over the last few nights. The project started out as fun but then eventually turned into work. I think it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and will tweak something until the cows come home or it'll bother me to death.:confused

Personally I think a couple laser pointers installed and wired to the buttons would make for a cool effect. The one primered with the hardware in the back is Eskilax's. The dimensions were taken off numerous CII pics from the ref. cd that were resized/adjusted for accuracy. The dimensions of each flamethrower is approximately 10.5" x 1.5" x 1.87".

PM me if interested. These are actually better and more accurate than the one I made for myself :lol:, and probably some of the more accurate Jango flamethrowers I've seen.(y)





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Amazing !!! Thank you for your work !! ....:eek:
(and the one for me is really the best one lol).

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beatifull!! I'll buy one just the have laying around. Make it into a remote control for my tv or something.

very cool.
Thanks guys...I'm glad you like em. Here are a few more pics of Eskilax's and what they would look like with hardware and primer since they are all exactly the same dimensions.

Each one took a little over four hours to make and 1 tube of super glue and super gel each, and of course the material. You supply your own hardware, and you drill out your own nozzle holes depending on what you want to use (or I can drill them for you if you want- 5/16" or 3/8").

So for my fellow TDH brothers let's call it $50 shipped and I think that seems like a good deal on both ends. If not, let me know:)

SEEKER, in my last post I was actually going to say "some of the more accurate Jango flamethrowers I've seen...except for SEEKERS". But I didn't want to name drop :lol: . If you're serious about wanting one for a remote control:eek: consider the next best one yours. I think I might already have your addy so let me check.

Eskilax, bro, your flamethrower and 1/8" black stiping are going out today in the mail. I promise your patience will have been worth it.(y)




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Eskilax, bro, yours is gone and the shipping to Belgium is enough to make me drink all of those beers at once!:lol: :puke

All right guys, double checked on the shipping today while I was mailing out Eskilax's and it's not going to cost as much as I had thought so let me bring the price down to $45 shipped in the U.S. which is what I originally felt would be fair.

Didn't want to ask too much because I know there may not be too many fellow Jangos who are obsessed with accuracy to the point I can be at times, or who have the extra cash laying around for what can be considered a minor part of the whole costume.

Of course with practice I get quicker at making them and if there's more interest than the three I have available, I can see about making a few more. But not too many because I need to start getting ready for a few holster assemblies I'd like to make during my Easter vacation...Daddy want a new set of holsters!:lol: ...ok and so does my son for his custom.

Kivas if you were in on the bolo order, I can just stick everything in the same box and we'll call it even on the shipping to Canada, so $45 for shipping to you as well if that's the case.

All right they're all spoken for (a voice from TDH past!...miss you my brother!), unless Kivas changes his mind.:) Let me know if there's any more interest cuz I could probably swing a few more this weekend when I'm making one for me. They would be the same price.

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